ClancyWorks Dance Company:
Dance for Good

At ClancyWorks Dance Company, the motto is “shifting perceptions through performance and education.”

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Adrienne Clancy, ClancyWorks focuses on positive social action through community engagement, senior citizen programs and arts education.

“Adrienne attacks everything with an equal amount of passion and enthusiasm,” said ClancyWorks intern Maia Stam, a senior at Goucher College.

ClancyWorks offers four strands of arts education – in-school K-12 residencies, in singular assembly presentations, in after school programs and through college and university residencies.

“Youth development is really at the core of our educational work,” Erin Tunbridge, Program Coordinator, said in an interview. 

They partner with multiple organizations, including Excel Beyond the Bell and the DEA Youth Dance Program.

“We like to make sure there are also special representatives from the DEA,” Erin said. “Students are seeing how being part of this program is creating a community within itself. They’re building community with peers, learning about teamwork and problem solving.”

Board member Camille Harris came to know ClancyWorks as the director of The Boys and Girls Club of Silver Spring, when she offered daytime practice space in exchange for dance classes for the kids in afterschool attendance.

 I believe in their mission,” Camille said. “I believe arts in education is very important. It keeps kids busy and keeps them occupied in something that is developing them as well as keeping them off the streets.”