Best Kids Mentor Q&A

Sheri Jones-Chamberlain

What motivated you to join BEST kids?
I joined Best Kids because I faced many obstacles and hardships growing up, and I wanted to be a positive role model in a child's life. I feel like if I had a mentor growing up then maybe I wouldn't have made some of the mistakes that I did. 

How long have you been a mentor?

I have been a mentor since November 2013

Photo provided by Best Kids, Inc. 

Photo provided by Best Kids, Inc. 

What's your most memorable experience with your mentee?
The most memorable experience that I have with my mentee was taking her to Howard University for a Holiday event Best Kids had for the mentees, their families and caregivers. I enjoyed watching her participate in the activities and also being able to engage with her peers in a positive way. 

What's been the greatest challenge you've faced?

The biggest challenge I have faced while mentoring is being able to establish and maintain a professional relationship with my mentee's caregiver. Mentors serve as a friend/role model for children in need. A mentor's responsibility is not to pick up the pieces or slack in areas that the caregiver does not provide. 

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