Meet a Black Swan Academy Student


Aniya, a middle school student in Southeast DC, recently won first place in a youth essay contest for her essay on what “home” meant to her. She read her essay out loud at a recent Housing For All rally in the city. Here, Aniya answers some questions from DDG writer Marisa Weidner.

Photo courtesy of Black Swan Academy

Photo courtesy of Black Swan Academy

How did you get involved in Black Swan Academy?
My teacher told me it was a program to help uplift younger students, where we would talk about life and the things we see around us.

What types of activities do you do?
There is a set curriculum on Tuesdays, and we play fun games and do educational activities. We learn about the sections on power, purpose and pride. Power is my favorite because it’s all about your own strength and the power you have inside of you to succeed. It’s fun to learn about the different “P” words.

What is your favorite activity that you’ve been involved with through Black Swan?
e go on field trips and once we got to go canoeing which was a lot of fun. We also had a Youth Town Hall after Ferguson to talk about what we were feeling after everything that had happened.