Becoming Leaders, Part 2

Meet the young ladies of the bryce project



Kiana, 16

How did you come to participate in the program?
Mrs. LaVon is my aunt, and I was interested in supporting her. I also thought that it would be fun and a great opportunity to interact with other girls and make new friends.

What has been your most meaningful or memorable experience with The BRYCE Project?
My most memorable experience with The BRYCE Project would have to be when we went to the SOME (So Others Might Eat) kitchen in DC and (served meals to) the homeless. It was really sad, but at the same time it made me feel good to be able to give back to that community. It changed my whole outlook on my life.

In her free time, she enjoys: Listening to music and reading

Favorite subject in school: Math. “In math, I am confident about what I’m doing. It’s challenging, and I like challenges."

What have you learned from The BRYCE Project that you carry into the rest of your life? 
Being in The BRYCE project has taught me that I should count my blessings. Not everyone has the chances that I have had being in The BRYCE Project, meeting these wonderful girls that all have great personalities and actually getting to call them all my friends. I've learned that there are people who actually care and reaching out to others is okay. The BRYCE project has taught me that life is what you make it.

In ten years… “I see myself as an attorney and married.”

What makes you unique?I speak my mind, and I don't let people run over me. I'm also very independent”

Ameena, 17


What has been your most meaningful or memorable experience with The BRYCE Project?
My most memorable moment with The BRYCE Project is when we went to D.C. to pass out lunches to the homeless. It gave me a one-on-one experience with those who have dealt with hardship and made me feel blessed for what I have.

What have you learned from BRYCE Project that you carry into the rest of your life?
I learned that giving back to the community that raised you is humbling and crucial to ones self -fulfillment.

Favorite school subject: Science, “because there it is always progressing and applies to the world in every way.”

In her free time, she enjoys: Running, watching her favorite TV shows, doing nails and makeup. 

In ten years… “I see myself working in a hospital giving hope and being a positive person to those who need it.”

What makes you unique? “I'm an equal mix of analytical and artistic.”