Byte Back

Testimonials, Part 1

"I learned about the amount of personal involvement it demands. You have to become involved with the people in your classes." - Neil Rickard, former AmeriCorps volunteer, now registrar at Byte Back, on his teaching experience.




"I think we have a really fantastic teacher. He knows his material, and he knows how to impart his material. There are people who are brilliant tech people, but they don't know how to explain anything." - Ifé, Byte Back student, on instructor and Community Academy manager Cisco Vasquez




"It is so dramatic to teach someone who is a recent immigrant how to Skype with their children back home, or to show a diabetic the wide variety of (medical) resources out there." - Kelley Ellsworth, executive director, Byte Back







“She told me over email and in person that I was the reason she  had (been able to get a job). Even a tiny success reminds me why I’m doing this.” – Anna Mulamba, AmeriCorps volunteer, remembering a Byte Back student.