Byte Back

Testimonials, part 2


"When I saw Byte Back, I thought it was a way I could use skills I actually have to help people." - Anna Mulamba, computer science major and AmeriCorps volunteer.

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"Most students are products of DC public schools. So many students felt they were unsuccessful at school, for all the reasons you can imagine. A lot of our students come to us feeling like they cannot learn, and here we are in an economy where people have to learn constantly." - Kelley Ellsworth, executive director, on the challenges faced at Byte Back.

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"I'm trying to develop my administrative skills. I want to make myself more marketable. It's my third day, and (I have) more insight on the multiple ways you can access the features on the Office track." - Debbie, Byte Back student.





"It takes a lot of hard work to get what you really want, but it's not as hard if you really want it." - Amber Koon, via Byte Back Success Stories 


Editor's note: Photos are courtesy of Byte Back, and do not correspond with the quotes