Calvary Women's Services: How I Was Helped


In the interest of protecting the privacy and comfort of the women at Calvary, a client interview was not conducted. Instead, we have selected passages from Calvary’s blog, which will give our readers a sense of the women residing there.

Paula came to Calvary after years of drug abuse. She received her CDL learner’s permit in 2013 to become a bus driver. Paula is currently living on her own, working to maintain her sobriety, and volunteering with young people in her community. Paula said:

“My case manager showed how to make my goals doable – step by step. To have someone who really cares about you is a boost. It made all the difference in the world. I felt I was a part of something.”

After years of drugs, trauma and abuse, Jill found her way to Calvary. A resident of Sister Circle, Calvary’s permanent housing program, Jill takes advantage of the educational opportunities available to her. As of 2013, Jill was working toward her GED. Of the LEAP program, Jill said:

“The program taught me how to be responsible.”

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, reflected on her experiences at Calvary, and all that she’d learned, in a writing workshop. She wrote:

I enjoy having the freedom to pursue my future. I’ve been meeting people and learning the importance of interacting and making friends for life. This way I’ll be there for others and they’ll be there for me throughout my life.

Anna was part of Calvary’s STRIDE – Search Together to Resume Dignified Employment - program. After completing STRIDE, Anna earned a full-time job at a local hotel, and moved into her own apartment.

When she got her first paycheck, Anna told me how much she wanted to buy a new pair of boots, but she wasn’t going to because saving her money for her own place was even more important to her. —Kris Thompson