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Alanda Braxton-Miles/Photo courtesy of Community of Hope

Alanda Braxton-Miles/Photo courtesy of Community of Hope

Alanda Braxton-Miles was sick.

 She was swollen and tired. She was gaining weight. Her hair was falling out.

 Her physician wasn’t looking hard enough for answers. She was tired of visiting the emergency room. So she went to Community of Hope’s Conway Health and Resource Center.

“My doctor took time to listen,” she said. “She’s loving and caring. I know she’s busy, but she treats every patient like they’re her only one!”

 Finally, Alanda got her diagnosis: Diabetes. And after receiving the proper treatment to manage her condition, most of the symptoms have disappeared. 

 "I've had a physical transformation,” she said, “from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet." 

 “To be able to see the impact our services have on people,” said Community of Hope development and marketing manager Karis Erwin, “that was a really special day.”

Since 1980, Community of Hope has been working to help low-income families in DC find stability, in the forms of home, health and income.

“Many times people who come to us for help don’t need support in just one area, but wrap around services that touch multiple parts of their life,” Karis said.

A pediatric exam at Conway Health Center/ Photo courtesy of Community of Hope

A pediatric exam at Conway Health Center/Photo courtesy of Community of Hope

Health services are available to anyone, regardless of ability to pay.

Three facilities, in Bellevue, Carver-Langston and Adams Morgan, provide medical, dental and behavioral health services for men, women and children.

“There are significant challenges to health care,” said Karis. “There’s a higher infant mortality rate, increased deaths from diabetes and AIDS, need for increased access to primary medical care, dental care and behavioral health support in Wards 5,6,7 and 8.”  Continue to Part 2

Editor’s note: Sections in italics are based on stories sent to The Daily Do Good via e-mail by Community of Hope.

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