Diaper Heroes


Cannon says the DC Diaper Bank has little to do with diapers and everything to do with alleviating stress and indirectly adding income to families' budget: Rather than purchasing diapers, they’re able to put that money toward food and other essentials.  

"What we want to do is work with one-stop shop social service agencies and use diapers as a way to get families to engage," Cannon said. "We know that families will reach out for diapers in a way they will not reach out for food and other services simply because they don't have another outlet."

The gift of art/ Photo courtesy of DC Diaper Bank

The gift of art/Photo courtesy of DC Diaper Bank

As part of its Baby Pantry: Food & Other Essentials program, the DC Diaper Bank accepts tampons and pads, formula, baby food jars and pouches, shampoo and conditioner, pacifiers, bibs, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and laundry detergent, among many other useful items. Over the past two years alone, the Baby Pantry program has donated $105,000 worth of items. 

The organization's community service was recently recognized by CNN Heroes. The nearly two-minute video highlighting the DC Diaper Bank’s work garnered lots of attention.

“We got calls and emails from all over the country from supporters, moms and dads in search of diapers, and folks wanting to know more about our work,” Cannon said. “More than 30 people contacted us to see how they could start a diaper bank in the community.” (Next)

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