Girls on the Run
Coach Says....

Emily is a coach for Girls on the Run-DC.


Q: How did you come to volunteer with Girls on the Run?
A: My two nieces participated in Maryland, and one invited me to become a buddy runner. I saw what a positive impact the program had on the girls, and when I was looking for opportunities to get involved in the community in DC, I decided to become a GOTR coach. This is currently my third season!

 Q: What are your day-to-day tasks as a GOTR coach?
 A: I look at the curriculum theme for the day’s lesson, figure out how I’m going to incorporate it into practice, and encourage the girls to participate in the activity. One of my favorite lessons was the one on gossiping — we gave one girl a tube of toothpaste and (had her) squeeze some of it out. She then passed the tube to the next girl, who was told to try and put the toothpaste back in. It was a great analogy to being unable to take back gossip or “put it away," and it’s wonderful to see the girls experience an “A-ha!” moment with the lesson.

Q: What have you learned from volunteering with Girls on the Run? 

I’ve learned that the time commitment for giving back is challenging, but so worth it. I make a point of making the time for GOTR because I want to help the girls—time is something I have to give, so that’s why I do it. I encourage everyone who has extra time to give back to GOTR!

About the Author: While a student at The College of William and Mary, Marisa Weidner volunteered at a school in Belize. A DC newcomer, she blogs about her explorations of the city at The Curated City

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