great & small testimonials





"A lot of people think this is a good place for horses to retire, but they do have to be in good shape, physically fit and well behaved." - Megan Ferry, program director, Great & Small Therapeutic Riding







"This is not a pony ride. It's amazing the strength and balance the riders can develop. It's an amazing connection the horses have with the kids and the kids have with the horses." - Peggy Itrich, instructor 








"I'm not using the sticks (forearm crutches) any more, so that's a tremendous improvement." - David, Great & Small rider, has cerebral palsy





"When you have a child with autism and they start getting older, you realize it's important for him to have leadership skills. If I try to push him in mainstream activities like sports, he gets overwhelmed. This is something he gets excited to go to, he enjoys it. He makes sure I'm looking when he does something like trotting. He enjoys seeing the volunteers and instructors." - Rachel, mother of 12-year-old autistic son