Sweet Apples: A Volunteer’s Perspective


Three years ago, a neighbor recommended that Amie Myers join the CSA program at the Farm at Our House. Eager to go organic, Amie joined and began to volunteer just a year later. Today, she volunteers a few hours a week, in exchange for the opportunity to pick fresh produce for the week, free of charge. 

“I feel so lucky to be able to volunteer at the farm,” Amie beamed. “Once I get there I’m always happy, and then I go home with a bounty of local, fresh organic food. You just can’t beat it!”

Amie shared her top eight reasons for why she prefers the farm fresh fare:

  • The greens are deeper.
  • The apples are sweeter.
  • Everything is so fresh. It may have just been picked that day.
  • Things are able to ripen on the vine, instead of being picked early and shipped.
  • It prevents a lot of carbon emissions. It’s important for me to reduce my impact.
  • I cook, every day, with fresh food.
  • I like to make pretty easy things. I have a whole basket of six different varieties of squash right now. I’m enjoying thinking of all the things I’m going to do.
  • Every week, the food is amazing!


About the Author: Chanté Griffin is a writer. In her dreams, she is a certified organic specialist who harvests all of her own veggies in her backyard, but in reality her solitary rosemary plant died. Tweet with her: @yougochante