E. Maribel Enriquez -- PLTI graduate, now a facilitator 

Photo courtesy of E. Maribel Enriquez

Photo courtesy of E. Maribel Enriquez

I was very frustrated because my children were not getting services they need at their school. PLTI offered me to (teach me about) the school and the city system. The most important thing I learned was that I was not "just a parent".

I started to find out about school board elections or any elections in my community. I started to vote, and bring information to my whole family, and make (voting) a family matter. I gained the confidence to use my voice, to speak up about my concerns, ideas and dreams.

I was able to understand and celebrate that I was living in Alexandria and that make me part of the community with rights and responsibilities. Because I was an immigrant, that did not made me less (of a) citizen. I am an agent of change for my whole Alexandra community. PLTI gave me the tools to be able to participate in the community at any level.

As a PLTI facilitator, I want the parents to develop the civic skills they need to be positive agents of change in their communities.