Growing Together at Red Wiggler


Staff members have yearly meetings with their employees’ vocational helpers and family members to evaluate their progress and to set goals for the following year.

“Each of the growers have some goals for the year,” said Katie Junghans, Red Wiggler’s volunteer and grower coordinator. “Some times it has to do with learning a new tool or getting better at using a certain tool, like a hoe, or learning how to wheel a wheelbarrow.”

The desire to challenge the workers can present its own challenges. One, Woodroof noted, is content to weed all day every day.

 “As an organization we’ve had to wrestle with that a little bit,” he said. “We want to focus on people's abilities and what they’re good at and like doing, but is it fair to her to not encourage her to learn new skills?” (Next)

About the Author: Terri Carr is a Washington, DC yogi and writer. She blogs at Yoga Soulutions

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