Room To Rebloom Gives Domestic Violence Survivors Second Chance


What do interior design and domestic violence have to do with each other? Well, imagine starting from zero, rebuilding your life and then creating a whole new space for your new life.

Since 2012, the hardworking people at Room to Rebloom have been doing just that for domestic violence survivors and their families in the Washington metropolitan area. Founded by Enid McKitrick, the nonprofit works to empower low-income women, who’ve been victims of domestic violence, through interior design. Their motto: “Design. Heal. Grow.”

A Room to Rebloom home

A Room to Rebloom home

“We’ve given [the women] a sense of purpose when it comes to their home, a sense of commitment [and] dedication to something that’s new and different,” said volunteer interior designer Kia Weatherspoon. “This type of dedication to one thing, to their own space that’s clean, thoughtful and has a purpose – I think that’s really changing their lives.”

At Room to Rebloom, it’s about more than redesigning homes – it’s about creating spaces, where women can go to feel safe, in control, and strong enough to stand on their own two feet. The clients are involved throughout the entire design process so they feel a sense of ownership.

“I wanted to bring empowerment to a group of people who were very disempowered and the obvious choice was domestic violence survivors,” McKitrick said. “We want these women to feel that they’re worthy of having beauty in their lives.” (Next)

About the Author: Princess Gabbara is a Michigan-based journalist and freelance writer (Ebony, Essence, etc.). You can read more of her work on her blog. She also tweets @PrincessGabbara.