How I Help


Khalilah, a retiree, has volunteered with Seabury since June of 2013. She currently volunteers 20 hours per week at the Kibar-Halal Nutrition Center, one of several locations hosting educational nutrition and wellness programs.

Q: What motivated you to work with Seabury?
A: I’m a retired citizen and a volunteer, and I like to give back to the community or whatever organization I belong to. After I retired and relaxed for a little bit, I decided to devote any sort of volunteer presence [I could].” 

Q: What sort of work do you do in your capacity as a volunteer?
A: I help the managers put the food on the plate and I serve the seniors. It gives me something to do instead of sitting at home. I can come out four hours a day and help somebody out, make somebody smile, give them a coffee or sit down and talk to them for ten minutes. That’s it right there, to be able to do that.”

Q: What advice or inspiration would you offer other people looking to get involved in their communities
A: Wherever you go or whatever you read there’s always somebody doing some volunteering. There’s always someone giving their service. If everybody were to do this, there wouldn’t be too much of a problem of the seniors being left alone to themselves and not being able to do anything.