How I Was Helped


Dorothy Carracedo, 76, Retired

Q: How did you connect with Seabury Resources for the Aging?
A: I was taking WEHTS for transportation and then Seabury took it over. Also, my son located a Mom’s Meals person and that person told us about the Seabury office, and I called and Ms. Kenny came out to see me. She’s a social worker there. She still comes out to see me, and when I have a problem I call her. When I have problems getting rides, she helps me, and when I have problems with getting help from different agencies, she’s right there with me. I wouldn’t give anything for Seabury, I love Seabury. 

Q: Why were you in need of Seabury's services?
A: I’m a 76-year-old, retired, disabled senior and I need all of the help that I can get. I have many doctor’s appointments, and when I go I need transportation. I’m on a fixed income and I can’t afford Metro access. Even though it’s not that much money, it’s a lot for me when I’m on fixed income. I have qualified so I get Medicaid help, Meals on Wheels, and other services that help me out with my budget.

Q: What intangibles have you taken away from your work with the organization?
A: Everything I’ve gotten from Seabury has been tangible, has been needed, has been used. I’m very pleased with the service I get from Seabury transportation. And the drivers are all wonderful drivers, wonderful people. They work with you, they act concerned for you. As I said, I’m very happy and fortunate to be with them. They’re doing a lot of good for me. And Ms. Kenny is wonderful. I can’t put her name out there enough!

Q: Do you feel you are now better equipped to pay it forward, and if so, how?
A: I have a lot of neighbors who are just like me--on fixed income, seniors. They don’t know where to go for different things. I find it easier to send them to Seabury, who can direct them or aid them, rather than tell them to call this place, call that place. That’s my gift back to my community.

About the Author: Jessica Sillers is a Washington, DC-based writer. She has volunteered as a teacher's assistant in Faridabad, India, and on a farm in Ireland. Contact her at