The Ripple Effect

Ashley Cooper, 17, is one of the authors of “The Hoodie Hero,” a story about a young man modeled after Trayvon Martin. She said the discussions with other teen authors made her think about self-reliance.

“You’re going to have to make decisions on your own and think for yourself,” she said. “Mom and Dad are not always going to be there for you.”

 Shout Mouse Press books are now available in every DC public school library. Copies have been ordered for all branches in the DC public library system.

 Some of Shout Mouse’s partner organizations have global networks. Readers in more than a dozen countries enjoy Shout Mouse Press books, according to the organization’s Facebook page.

 Imagine the joy of an underserved child, unaccustomed to reading stories about children like herself, learning that children in France are reading a book she wrote.

 The ripple effect continues closer to home as Shout Mouse authors’ classmates learn of their comrades’ achievements. This changes how minority children see themselves, and what they believe they are capable of.

 Ashley got a surprise taste of celebrity authorship while she was walking to school one day. She heard a young child who had read “The Hoodie Hero” call out to her friend:

 “Hey that’s Ashley. She wrote the book.”

About the Author: Terri Carr is a Washington, DC yogi and writer. She blogs at Yoga Soulutions