Living Brave:
This Is My Brave


After Jennifer's piece appeared on a national website, people reached out to thank her for sharing her story. "I realized what a relief it was to open up about that part of my life."

Upon launching a Kickstarter to fund the first show, Jennifer and associate producer Anne-Marie Ames were stunned to see that support was plentiful.

“Everyone was so moved by the message we shared,” said Jennifer, who was diagnosed in 2006, after two hospitalizations for manic episodes the prior year. “We’ve all been so impacted by mental illness, and we’re able to lead full lives.”

Today, This Is My Brave puts on full-length shows in multiple cities, including DC and Boston, performs at schools, hosts yoga classes and more. All the cast members and producers volunteer their time.  A team has formed to support cast member Annie as she runs a half-marathon for the cause.  In June, This Is My Brave will open Mental Health America’s annual conference, in Alexandria.

Phoebe compared being a part of This Is My Brave to being on a sports team.

“On sports teams,” she said, “they say ‘I got your back.’ We kind of are a team. It’s having that gut feeling that these people have got my back and I’ve got theirs.” (Continue to Part 3)

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