Top Ten Reasons We Love
DC Central Kitchen


1.     DC Central Kitchen helps fight food waste. They recover quality food that would have otherwise been discarded, simply because of appearance, from wholesalers, and convert it into healthy meals.

2.     They distribute nutritious meals and snacks to corner stores in DC’s food deserts, helping ensure people in all neighborhoods have access to healthy, affordable food.

3.     In 2013, DCCK served more than 2100 young people through agencies promoting youth mentorship, health education and job readiness.

Photo courtesy of DC Central Kitchen

Photo courtesy of DC Central Kitchen

4.      DC Central Kitchen is invested in its Culinary Job Training graduates, providing ongoing services, job assistance, and even grocery bundles.

5.     DC Central Kitchen invests in children. They work with 10 schools in Wards 7 and 8 to provide nutritious meals every day.

6.     DCCK supports the environment and local economy. Thirty percent of items for school meals are grown locally or nearby.

Photo courtesy of DC Central Kitchen

Photo courtesy of DC Central Kitchen

7.     The Culinary Job Training program isn’t just about skills, it’s about people. The program includes a self-empowerment course to help students deal with their challenges and learn strategies for overcoming them.

8.     By delivering meals to 80 partner agencies, DC Central Kitchen saved those agencies more than $3.7 million in food costs last year, allowing both money and time to be spent focusing on the missions.

9.     From karaoke parties to easy food donations, DC Central Kitchen offers plenty of ways for you to make a contribution.

10. DC Central Kitchen puts its money where their mouth is: The catering service – Fresh Start Catering – employs graduates of the job training program. 


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