Young Ladies on a Mission to Succeed


Girls are the fastest growing population in the juvenile justice system, according to the Georgetown Center on Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy.

But, said Helen Wade, founder and CEO of Young Ladies of Tomorrow, Inc., their needs often go unmet. Founded in 1993, Young Ladies of Tomorrow exists to provide young women (ages 14-17) with the skills, support, counseling and empowerment that they need to transition into adulthood successfully.

A YLOT participant receives   a lesson in table setting and etiquette/ Photo courtesy of Young Ladies of Tomorrow

A YLOT participant receives a lesson in table setting and etiquette/Photo courtesy of Young Ladies of Tomorrow

Wade believes that the term “juvenile justice system” can be misleading. Although some of the girls are detainees, many of them have come to the courts in other ways.

“Some of the girls come from families that are in severe need. Some have been separated from their families,” Wade said. “And some have exhibited some behavioral or truancy issues at school. Each young woman is different.”

YLOT provides the young women with tutors, mentors, career development seminars, and field trips—to teach them new skills and to expose them to new opportunities.

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About the Author: Chanté Griffin, an Older Lady of Tomorrow, is a writer and edu-tainer. You can catch her online at and @yougochante.