Becoming Leaders

Meet the young ladies of The Bryce Project




Ruthie Marin, 18

What has been your most meaningful or memorable experience with The BRYCE Project?
The most meaningful or memorable experience with The BRYCE Project has to be going to So Others Might Eat (SOME) in D.C. SOME helps the poor and homeless by providing food and other needs to these people. We helped prepare and distribute some of the food and refreshments. I saw how thankful the men and women were to have young women going out and taking time out of our day to give back. I could see how happy, thankful and grateful they were which in return made me even more content.

In her spare time she: Studies. I rarely have time to study during the week because I work at an after school program. If I do have time I like spending it with my friends just talking about random things over some delicious food.

Favorite subject in school: Sociology. “I have learned that the many actions that we do and the subconscious acts that we do have been socially molded. We have all been socialized into something one way or another.”

What have you learned from The BRYCE Project that you carry into the rest of your life?
What I have learned from The BRYCE Project is that volunteering is fun. All the places that we have gone to, I have had fun and learned that volunteering is awesome because it is one of the most selfless actions.

In ten years… “I see myself working for the city of Alexandria as a social worker.”

What is something about yourself that makes you unique? I am passionate about being a role model. 

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