Doing good on screen

We asked our friends and Twitter followers to help us think of movies about people who are doing good, giving back, and doing the right thing. Here are ten of the results we came up with. Please note, this is in no way a comprehensive list, so please share your favorite "do good, feel good" movies with us!


1. The Hunger Games -- Katniss Everdeen taking the place of her smaller, weaker sister is a prime example of the value of standing up for the little guy (we hope the stakes are typically lower).

2. Stand With Me -- A documentary about a nine-year-old girl who starts a lemonade stand to raise money for children in Nepal. Thank you, @ddtang, for the submission.

3. Saving Private Ryan -- A group of reluctant soldiers sets out to find a missing brother in arms. 

4. The Good Lie -- Reese Witherspoon is an American woman who takes in Sudanese refugees orphaned by war (in theaters now).

5. Pay It Forward -- A young boy encourages the people around him to pay debts for favors done by "paying it forward," doing good for someone else, rather than paying back.

6. Born Free -- An English couple raises an orphaned lion cub in Kenya.

7. Milk -- Activist Harvey Milk fights for the rights of gay Americans. 

8. Hotel Rwanda -- Hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina shelters more than 1,000 Tutsi people from the threat of genocide.

9. Freedom Writers -- A determined teacher looks to a brave soul -- Anne Frank -- to teach her at-risk students. 

10. The Blind Side -- A well-to-do family takes in a homeless teenager, who eventually becomes an NFL player.