DDG Wants You!

The Daily Do Good is looking for dedicated volunteers who want to help spread a little sunshine in the world. If you are a believer in the power of doing good and giving back, we might love you.

Do you enjoy talking to people? Know your affects from your effects? Are you a digital diva or graphics guru? Can you talk people into giving us their money? Can you write? No seriously, are you any good? We might really love you.

Here’s who we need:

Content Crafters
Writers, bloggers, photographers, videographers… come forth! We are looking for people who know how to tell a story, be it in words or pictures. The work includes interviewing folks, so a journalism background is helpful, but not necessary. Grammar nerds, raise your hands. Contact Holly Leber, Editorial Director, at staff@dailydogood.co.

Marketing Mavens
Love makes the world go ‘round, but we can’t run this business on love alone. So, frankly put: We need money. And in order to get money, we need as many people as possible to know about us and love us. We’re seeking marketing assistants with strong research abilities. Experience in crowdfunding is a huge plus. Show us your sales savvy – sell us on YOU! Contact Saranah Holmes, President, at s.holmes@dailydogood.co

Social Media Specialists
Are you all a-Twitter? Did you teach your Gram to Instagram? Do you have more Facebook friends than people you’ve actually met in your lifetime? Give us some #LOVE. Attend fundraisers, post pics and comments (how fun is that?!), and just generally tweet your face off about @TheDailyDoGood. Contact Crystal Davis, Social Media Manager at crystalndavis@gmail.com


  •       Self-starters – must be able to problem-solve and manage time well
  •       Good communicators – respond efficiently and keep us in the loop
  •       Be able to work remotely without immediate supervision
  •       Approximately 10 hours a week (15 for crowdfunding)
  •       Weekly e-mail check-in
  •       Monthly meeting  

Tell us why you want to work with The Daily Do Good. Include a resume and a few pertinent work samples. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

 Do Good, Feel Good!