Outtakes with Carla Hall

She's a chef, TV host, cookbook author and soon-to-be restaurant owner. Carla Hall took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about one of her favorite organizations, DC Central Kitchen, and to answer some fun questions just for you! 


Is it scientifically possible to eat just one your Petite Cookies?
“No! You don’t have to choose just one. There’s a smorgasboard.”

What is your favorite cooking smell?
“That’s hard! Would it be a cake in the oven, or my grandmother’s cornbread… let’s say bread baking. I have this fascination with bread baking…”

What is your least favorite cooking smell?
"Being from the South, it would have to be something like pig’s feet, that smells really funky, or chitlins…. When you’re like “what the hell?”

With all due respect to your husband, do you have any celebrity crushes?
“My husband knows I have a crush on Jamie Oliver. I told Jamie “it’s okay, my husband knows that I love you, too.”

What is, no holds barred, no political correctness, no apologies, the best kind of pie to have at Thanksgiving?
“I honestly would like peach cobbler. I honestly know peaches aren’t in season, but if I had some canned, I would do a peach cobbler. Or cherry. Sour cherry cobbler.”

Play a round of ‘Bang, Marry, Kill’ with your gentlemen co-stars (Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon, Mario Batali)
Aw, dang, this is going to be so hard… Marry Clinton.. oh wow… this is like asking, which of your brothers would you bang or kill? I’ll kill both of them! I’m more grossed out by the bang part than I am by the kill part. I wouldn’t want to bang either of them… you’re giving me the willies! Okay, bang Michael, kill Mario… Gross!

Why is The Daily Do Good truly awesome?
The Daily Do Good is awesome because 1) it reminds you to do good, 2) they do with a smile and laughter, and 3) they ask you tough questions that you all want to hear.