Finding Your Medium
Life Pieces to Masterpieces


Life Pieces to Masterpieces has a broad definition of creativity and encourages the apprentices to understand that everyone is born with creative abilities, something they are good at. They just have to find the medium—whether it be yoga, music, poetry, science or hip hop.

Video on Life Pieces to Masterpieces by Stone Soup Films

But some of the apprentices find that they truly do have a passion for the roots of LPTM, in the art room.

“I get to express my feelings without judgment,” said Cateo, 11. “It just feels good.”

A seven-year veteran of Life Pieces, Cateo said he didn’t really get into the art until about four years ago. His favorite piece is his self-portrait.

As an International Affairs and Anthropology major at George Washington University, Mignotae spent much time traveling and studying development in other countries. She came realize, however, that similar issues were happening right in her own backyard -- that she could apply a lot of what she learned abroad locally.

“For me, I was always surrounded by black males, growing up with two older brothers and my father being one of 12 sons,” she said. “Then I saw Eric Garner — I don’t know if it was because it was actually on video or what, but it affected me. When I heard about Life Pieces in college, I had to do it.” (Next) 

About the Author: Olivia Rios is a writer for the Daily Do Good. Her artistic medium is language…at least that’s what she is going for.

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