Shields and Cupcakes
Life Pieces to Masterpieces


Through multiple programs and workshops, Life Pieces to Masterpieces pursues its mission to “develop character and leadership, unlock potential, and prepare African American boys and young men to transform their lives and communities.”

The Shield of Faith is one of the many building blocks of the philosophy behind LPTM.  Composed of a wheel of several colors, each represents a value. For example, brown signifies discipline and black, a combination of all of the other colors, signifies leadership.

The Life Pieces Shield of Faith/ Photos property of Life Pieces to Masterpieces

The Life Pieces Shield of Faith/Photos property of Life Pieces to Masterpieces

LPTM uses the Shield to encourage noble behavior as well as a way to teach the apprentices symbolism at an early age.

The tiny cupcake-makers were decorating their treats to represent a value from the Shield.

“We made Power Ranger cupcakes because they’re leaders…” said Josh, 3. He looked around to see the positive reaction of the classroom. Then, he asked the ultimate question.

“Can we eat them now?”

About the Author: Olivia Rios is a writer for the Daily Do Good. She thinks Power Rangers are cool and cupcakes are even better!