Happy 1st Birthday, DDG!

On October 7, 2015, we held a party at We Work Wonder Bread Factory to celebrate the first anniversary of the Daily Do Good. Check out this slideshow of images. 

Photos by Joseph Simmons

It's been an incredible first year, and we're looking forward to everything the next year has to offer. To everyone who supported, encouraged and cheered for us, thank you. 


Thank You, Fun Runz!

We're feeling pretty grateful...

... to the 84 people who showed up bright and early Sunday morning to join the Daily Do Good and Fun Runz for a 5K in gorgeous Great Falls Park! 

... to our 27 new subscribers!

... and especially to Fun Runz for hosting a benefit run for DDG! We appreciate your mission "to support grass-roots boots-on-the-ground charitable organizations by bringing visibility to the good work they're doing, and providing them with a financial contribution from the event proceeds." 

Thanks for making it super-easy on us to bring in some much-needed support! 

You are all awesome!

The Team at DDG