Girls Who Do Good

It's Women's History Month! Nominate a lady you know who embodies the #dogoodfeelgood spirit. Tell us how she's a girl who incorporates kindness, giving and good-doing into her daily life. We'll choose five women to feature. Share this post on social media and hashtag it #girlswhodogood.

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Happy 1st Birthday, DDG!

On October 7, 2015, we held a party at We Work Wonder Bread Factory to celebrate the first anniversary of the Daily Do Good. Check out this slideshow of images. 

Photos by Joseph Simmons

It's been an incredible first year, and we're looking forward to everything the next year has to offer. To everyone who supported, encouraged and cheered for us, thank you. 


Five Heartwarming Stories You May Have Missed Last Week

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Kirsten lost her father, police officer Kent Mundell, in 2009. He was killed in the line of duty. When she got married several of his fellow officers came and helped walk Kirsten down the aisle and lined up to take turns dancing with her. Kirsten was moved to tears by the show of love from the officers as they asked to dance with her in lieu of a traditional father-daughter dance.

2. "World's Ugliest Woman" uses personal experience with bullying to help motivate others and create positive spaces

Trailer from "A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story."

Lizzie Velasquez was once called the “World’s Ugliest Woman” by a bully online. From that moment, she decided to help others facing bullying. Lizzie has an extremely rare disease that causes her to age faster than normal, be unable to gain weight, and has made her lose sight in her right eye. Lizzie is teaming up with Tumblr and their “Post It Forward” initiative to spread good things on the internet, such as a gif, picture or a letter, to help someone else get through a tough time in their life. Her story is featured in the documentary "A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story."

3. A priceless gift from a stranger

Tracy Orr lost her job and was unable to save her house from foreclosure no matter what she did. Her home was put up for auction and she went to watch strangers bid on her home. Marilyn Mock saw Tracy and asked if she was there to buy a house. Tracy broke down and tears and told Marilyn what had happened. Unknown to Tracy, Marilyn went over and bought Tracy’s house back for her. Tracy says she’s blessed by the actions of Marilyn and hopes that one day she can repay the favor.

4. A girl and her dog are both survivors

Maria Williamson lost her eye when she was a victim of an attempted carjacking. While she was at her home recovering her boyfriend saw a puppy at a nearby animal shelter. The puppy was attacked by a bigger dog and as result he lost his eye. The couple adopted the puppy and has a fundraiser and a GoFundMe page to help with both Maria’s and the puppy’s medical expenses.

5. A grandmother doing good.

Phyllis Shaughnessy lives in Grays Harbor County, Washington, where many children are on free or reduced lunches. During the summer, many of these children have no way of getting food. Every day she makes and delivers lunches to almost 200 kids. Phyllis says that she does the summer lunch program so that the children know someone cares about them.

About the Author: Ashley Angeline is an intern with the Daily Do Good. She is a communications major at the University of Cincinnati. 

Spring Cleaning

Looking to dive into some decluttering? Here are five organizations that will help give your spring cleaning a little #dogoodfeelgood boost. 

1. A Wider Circle -- A good friend of The Daily Do Good, A Wider Circle strives to end poverty and help families create comfortable homes they can be proud of. Donate furniture, household wares, professional attire and more. Learn more...

2. Miriam's Kitchen -- Miriam's Kitchen strives to end chronic homelessness by establishing meaningful relationships with individuals in order to ensure they get the support they need. Donation needs include men's clothing, sleeping bags, toiletries and non-perishable food items. Learn more...

3. DC Area Books to Prisons Project -- Part of the Washington Peace Center, the Books to Prisons Project collects paperbacks for prison libraries to provide a positive influence to incarcerated men and women in all 50 states. Learn more...

4. Suited for Change -- Suited for Change strives to "break down barriers to self-sufficiency" by providing low-income women with career training, life skills and professional attire. Donate business-appropriate clothing and accessories, including shoes, purses, scarves and jewelry. Learn more...

5. Bikes for the World -- Little one outgrowing her first two-wheeler? Finding that mountain bike is more of a laundry rack? Bikes for the World aims to create employment opportunities in bicycle repair and maintenance, as well as enhance the lives and livelihoods of people in developing countries. Learn more here...